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Heroes meta - 'Distractions'

Well, 'meta's probably too generous a term for it...

Whoa, so Nathan is Claire’s dad. All very exciting – but I was more struck by Simone, this episode. Those writers must really hate her; I mean, “You know, I never figured out how those pigeons got up here.” W. T. F.?! She thinks it’s mysterious that pigeons got onto a roof?

I was inclined to think that her hysterical exuberance at the end of ‘The Fix’ was just her being freaked out because she finally realised that all the end-of-the-world stuff was real, but now I’m starting to come round to the school of thought that says she’s on crack.

And Hiro’s father - he looked like some kind of evil sea monster; an impression in no way lessened by that awesome growling–grunting noise he made when Hiro said his sister should take over the company. Marvellous! I think he’s my favourite character to date.

Finally, I just have to ask (and please forgive me if this has already been discussed to death; I’m new to the fandom) – Zach: is he or is he not gay? Because if he isn’t, then Claire is clearly a colossal bitch to keep up the whole ‘you’re my new BFF, now drive me around’ thing and not throw the poor boy a bone. Either way, he has to be just about the only teenaged boy on planet Earth who makes absolutely no references to sex, ever. So I’m assuming that means he is the token gay person in this show. “Ah, yes, I think we do have one in here, somewhere right at the back of that closet.” All I have to go on here is Jackie’s homophobic slurs, though, so I’m on shaky ground.
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